Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Lexsynergy Blog Has Moved

This blog is no longer in use. You can keep up with the latest domain industry news on Lexsynergy's news page here: http://www.lexsynergy.com/news

Monday, 8 May 2017

Lexsynergy.com New Design

Did you notice that things look a little different over on our main website? We’d like to introduce you to the new and improved lexsynergy.com!

We’ve created a clean, modern design which will make it easier for you to navigate around our website and control panel.
  • Here are some highlights of the update:A simplified design with easy to navigate pages
  • Mobile friendly – visit us from your mobile phone or tablet!
  • New, easy-to-use domain search function - find your domain name in a couple easy steps. From the home page, type in the domain you are looking for and click search. From there you will receive a list of results relevant to your search. Use the filters on the left to narrow down the results.
  • An updated control panel – our new control panel makes it even easier to manage your domain portfolio. Quick links from your control panel’s homepage allow you to quickly register or renew domains, view your portfolio, or manage your brand protection cases. Customize these quick links so they are relevant to what you need.
We hope you enjoy our new website. If you have any feedback for us please email support@lexsynergy.com

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Phishing Attacks Jump By Two-Thirds In 2016 To Highest Ever Recorded: APWG

Phishing attacks grew by 65% to 1,220,523 in 2016, according to the latest Phishing Trends Report for Q4 2016 from the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), continuing an ongoing trend of rapidly growing phishing attacks.

In the fourth quarter of 2004, the APWG saw 1,609 phishing attacks per month. In the fourth quarter of 2016, APWG saw an average of 92,564 phishing attacks per month, an increase of 5,753% over 12 years.

Some of the most complicated phishing attacks have come from fraudsters in Brazil. The Brazilian attacks are using both traditional phishing and social media to defraud internet users.

Friday, 14 April 2017

.AFRICA Pioneer Program

ZA Central Registry (ZACR) is now accepting applications for its .AFRICA Pioneer Program. The purpose of the Pioneer Program is to give approved applicants preferential access to a .AFRICA domain name prior to the start of General Availability, i.e., before the general public is allowed to register .AFRICA domains from the 4th July 2017.

The Pioneer Program is open to anyone including businesses, civil society and individuals. If there is a .AFRICA domain name you want to register and you aren’t able to secure it in the Sunrise phase, we recommend taking advantage of the Pioneer Program.

Domain names that are awarded through this Pioneer Program will not have any initial registration fee. Standard renewal fees will be charged after the first year.
Applicants are required to complete an application and highlight key innovative qualities of their organisations, emphasising their relevance to Africa. Applicants also need to outline their plans to utilise their approved .AFRICA domain name.

To apply, download and complete the Pioneer Programme Terms and Conditions as well as the Application Form, then forward your application form to dotafricapioneer@registry.net.za. Once your application is approved, email Lexsynergy for assistance with processing your domain registration at support@lexsynergy.com. Applications will close on the 15th May 2017.

.CN Is The Largest ccTLD Again

329.3 million domain names were registered at the end of 2016 according to Verisign’s latest Domain Name Industry Brief. Registrations grew by 21.0 million, or 6.8%, year over year. The most notable changes in 2016 were China’s ccTLD adding 4.24 million registrations to become the largest ccTLD once again, while .tk and .net shed over 7 million and 500,000 registrations respectively.

Total ccTLD registrations were approximately 142.7 million, a 1.8% increase over the third quarter, and a 3.1% (4.3 million) increase year on year. Without including .tk, which dropped from 26 million to 18.7 million in the 12 months, ccTLD registrations increased approximately by 2.1 million (1.7%) in the quarter and ccTLDs increased by approximately 8.0 million (6.9%) registrations for the year.

Monday, 10 April 2017

.NG Tackles Internet Abuse

The Nigerian internet Registration Association (NiRA), the registry for .ng domain names, is working to deal with internet abuse within Nigeria. One of the recent steps taken is to create a desk for dealing with internet abuse within .ng.

As part of its efforts, NiRA convened a meeting of representatives of relevant law enforcement agencies and stakeholders on the need to collaborate to curtail the abuse. Agencies represented included police through the Lagos State Police Command, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission, Special Fraud Unit, ngCERT and the Central Bank of Nigeria Plc.

At the inaugural meeting, the NiRA president highlighted the high rate at which .ng domains were being used to commit crimes and that NiRA had received over 300 complaints on issues of internet abuse ranging from domain name abuses to the theft of individuals’ personal details and financial fraud.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Cybersquatting increasing in new gTLDs & .COM : WIPO

Disputes over domain names are on the rise according to the latest report from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on cybersquatting. In 2016 the number of cases filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) with WIPO, the largest of the dispute resolution bodies, rose 10% over the previous year to “an all-time record 3,036 cases” while domain names disputed rose by 23.1% to 5,374. Each case can contain more than one domain name.

The number of disputes compared to the total number of domain names registered are small however still a significant increase creating unwanted costs for trademark owners. A large part of the increase is attributed to the new gTLDs. New gTLDs disputes rose to 16% of WIPO’s 2016 caseload while, according to the most recent Domain Name Industry Brief from Verisign, they represent represented 7.2% of total domain name registrations at the end of 2016.

ccTLDs accounted for some 14% of WIPO filings, with 74 national domain registries adopting the WIPO dispute resolution service.

The top sectors of complainant activity were banking and finance (12% of all cases), fashion (9%), heavy industry and machinery (9%), internet and IT (8%), biotechnology and pharmaceuticals (7%) and retail (7%). Philip Morris leads the list of filers – 67 cases – followed by AB Electrolux (51) and Hugo Boss, LEGO, and Michelin (42 each).

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

United Bank of Union's .BANK Success Story

Lexsynergy's client, United Bank of Union, was recently featured in a success story written by fTLD Registry. The release highlights United Bank of Union's successful launch of their .bank domain name - ubu.bank. Lexsynergy assisted United Bank of Union with their Trademark Clearinghouse validation, Sunrise application and the advanced DNS hosting for ubu.bank. It was a please to be part of the launch of their .bank site. Read the full Success Story on fTLD's website HERE.

Lexsynergy can help you with your .bank domain registration. To learn more about this protected, trusted and more secure domain extension, contact us at support@lexsynergy.com.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

NGOs Getting Online With Two-Thirds Globally Using .ORG, But Wide Disparity Among Regional TLD Choices

Over two-thirds (68.3%) of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) around the world use a .org domain name to get online compared to the less than one in 10 (9.2%) that use a .com, according to the 2017 Global NGO Online Technology Report published by the Public Interest Registry. The report found 2.2% used the .ngo gTLD, 1.8% used .net and 18.5% used other TLDs, predominately ccTLDs.

There are wide differences globally as to the proportion of NGOs that use various TLDs. Around two-thirds of NGOs use a .org domain in South America, Africa and Asia while the number drops to under half in Australia and Oceania and Europe. In North America, the figure is 77%.

When it comes to ccTLDs, NGOs in the Australia and Oceania and European regions both record slightly over 40% of all NGOs using a ccTLD, while in all other regions the number of NGOs using a ccTLD doesn’t reach a quarter. In USA, part of North America, most NGOs would use a .org or .com with most of the ccTLD use coming from Canadian NGOs.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Lexsynergy Webinar - .AFRICA Launch Information

This webinar will cover the much-anticipated launch of the .AFRICA domain extension. We'll discuss the launch timeline, Sunrise details, costs and its implications for brand owners around the world. .AFRICA covers 54 countries that comprise the second largest continent on earth. Lexsynergy considers .AFRICA as an essential extension for the African and international businesses. Due to .AFRICA's importance, country coverage, and anticipated demand it is recommended to establish a strategy to secure core trademarks during the Sunrise launch and Landrush phases. Our webinar will guide you through the complex launch, which involves two Sunrise validation systems with various priority levels. This is one webinar that should not be missed.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Thursday, 6 April 2017
Click on one of the links above to register for the webinar which will be held twice for your convenience.

Want to establish a .AFRICA strategy for your company? Email us at support@lexsynergy.com and we will set up a time to discuss how .AFRICA should fit into your domain portfolio. If you are unable to attend the webinar, recordings of all previous webinars can be found on our YouTube channel.