Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Si of relief

In a previous post we said the following on the restrictive nature of some ccTLDs:

"If these ccTLD operators do not relax certain restrictions it could stifle Internet investment resulting in the loss of a potentially lucrative revenue stream for those countries as well as potentially being ignored by the Internet community when the new gTLDs are released.

We believe the IP community needs to debate domain name issues more actively to encourage registries to change restrictive policies."

We now learn that on 6 November 2008 the Slovenian registry (ARNES) will relax its registration rules.

These new rules will remove the current restrictions and allow anyone to register .si domain names (including foreign companies and persons). There will also be no restriction on the number of domains that may be registered by registrant.

We would like to believe that our post was instrumental in bringing about this change but nevertheless we welcome this move by ARNES and encourage other ccTLD operators to follow a similar route.

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