Thursday, 16 April 2009

Not Protected, Not for Profit

With the increase of domain name disputes worldwide it is encouraging to know that domain name authorities are beginning to implement dispute resolution procedures that are relatively inexpensive and time efficient with the aim of protecting trade mark owners.

However every now and then a blatant oversight can occur leaving a gapping hole for cybersquatters to abuse. This appears to be the case of which is intended for South African non-commercial organisations, including but not limited to charities, NGOs, Section 21 companies, trade and industry associations, trade unions, political parties and religious organisations. The terms and conditions, however, do not prevent commercial entities or individuals from registering, as is the case of

Allowing commercial entities to register domains is not the disturbing issue but rather the fact that the South African ADR only covers domains and not domains. This creates the absurd situation that a commercial entity is afforded a cheap method to retrieve its domain name while the non-profits who want to reclaim their domain have to follow the route of instituting action in a local South African court which can be lengthy and expensive.

We say let the not-for-profit, profit from the ADR.

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