Monday, 3 August 2009

Important Notice: CM Go Live Phase

The .CM registry ( Sarl) posted the following notice on its website:

"Dear Registrars,

Currently the Cameroon internet connection is facing technicaldifficulties.

After applying a security update to the .CM registry server, the root name servers failed to get access to the zone file. The technical team of CAMTEL is currently working on the issue to solve the problem.

Domains which were applied for during the sunrise period will be connected once the Trademark Certificates have been validated. Due to the overwhelming success of the introduction of the .cm top-level domain, we would like to ask for some patience. The review process will be finished soon and we are sure that we can connect the domains as soon as our technical problems are fixed.

The open registration for .CM domains will be suspended till the issue has been solved.

We apologise for the inconvience and we will keep you updated."

Lexsynergy will be monitoring developments and will process all the "Go Live" registrations once the .cm technical issues have been resolved.