Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Shedding some light on .tel UDRP decisions

.tel, the "new" gTLD, was launched in December 2008. The launch occured in three periods (Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability).

The Sunrise Period afforded trade mark holders the opportunity to secure its trade marks as a .tel domain name before it was released to the general public. It was inevitable that those who failed to take advantage of the Sunrise Period would be exposed to potential infringements.

This was the case for osram.tel, heineken.tel and novozymes.tel. These domain names were subsequently recovered in the first three .tel UDRP decisions to be decided.

While all three decisions were decided in favour of the trade mark holders, the expense and risk of submitting a UDRP complaint could have been avoided by simply securing the domain name at the first available opportunity.

We advise trade mark holders to develop a formal domain name strategy that makes provision for the securing of domain names during Sunrise Periods or prior to the launch of a new brand / trade mark.

If you have been affected by such infringements or need to recovery a domain name contact our specialised domain name recovery unit (RegainYourDomain) at recovery@regainyourdomain.com. See regainyourdomain.com and regainyourdomain.tel for more information.

Friday, 25 September 2009

New Domain Name Recovery Service

Lexsynergy Limited is pleased to announce the imminent launch of its domain name recovery service RegainYourDomain.

The service will operate from regainyourdomain.com.

RegainYourDomain is an online domain name recovery service, allowing users to recover multiple domain names and closely follow the recovery process.

If you missed the opportunity to secure your trade mark, brand or corporate name as a domain name you may still be able to recover it through strategic negotiation or via the various dispute resolution procedures.

Recovering a domain name or negotiating its purchase requires experience and strategic planning. We work with our clients to explore the most cost effective and efficient method of acquiring wanted domain names.

We have several years of experience in domain name recovery supported by a well-rounded team comprising of trade mark professionals and negotiation specialists who are experts in domain name negotiation and dispute resolution.

Monday, 21 September 2009

News24.com recently published an article that dealt with the proposed expansion of .za TLDs. So for example extensions such as durban.za and gauteng.za could be released in the near future.

What is troubling about the article is that ZADNA feels the need to launch new TLDs in a market (South Africa) that is relatively inactive on the Internet.

South Africa has a population of about 49 million with 2.4 million Internet users. This means 4.89% of the population has Internet access. 500 000 co.za domain names are registered, which amounts to 0.21 domain names per Internet user and 0.01 domain names per person.

Rather than focusing on new TLDs, which seem uncessary in the current market, we would suggest that ZADNA focus on marketing the co.za extension globally and encourage South Africans to register domain names while at the same time promoting IT and Internet literacy amongst poor communities.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

ICANN Accrediation Confirmed

Lexsynergy Limited's ICANN Accreditation was confirmed today. This will result in additional and enhanced domaim name services for our clients. www.lexsynergy.com and www.lexsynergy.tel.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Lexsynergy is tweeting, follow us at http://twitter.com/lexsynergyltd.

.ai TLD open to all

Starting today the .ai TLD (Anguilla) can be registered by any person or business without restriction. Previously only residents of Anguilla could register .ai domain names.

The minimum period of registration is two years. The costs is £67 per year plus a once-off fee of £110 .

Contact us at domains@lexsynergy.com or for more contact information visit www.lexsynergy.tel.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Over 500 000 co.za domain names

The number of co.za (South Africa) domain names has passed the 500 000 registration mark. South Africa has a population of approximately 49 million, which should translate into an opportunity for growth in the co.za extension.