Tuesday, 20 October 2009

1,2, 3 DENIC

On 15 October 2009 it was announced that DENIC (the .de registry) will ease its domain guidelines. This means that, from 23 October 2009, it will be possible to register one, two and three digit domain names. See the English press release here.

Domain names such as .it.de, tv.de, d.de and am.de will be in high demand. Since these domain names will have a high resell value and in most cases not infringe upon trade marks, .de registrars are charging high prices for these registrations.

It is anticipated that domainers will be breaking the bank to secure lucrative domain names. The registration process will work on a "first come, first served" basis.

If you have a one, two or three letter trade mark (device or word mark) in Germany or the EU it may be worthwhile considering registering a matching domain name on 23 October 2009. Email domains@lexsynergy.com for more information.

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