Wednesday, 25 November 2009

.РФ Sunrise Period Begins Today

The Russian Registry registry recently announced the release of IDN domain names under .РФ (the Cyrillic ccTLD for the Russia Federation) from November 25, 2009 to March 25, 2010 (Sunrise Domain Registrations) for owners of Cyrillic Russian trade marks.

If two or more trade mark owners of the same trade mark submit applications for the same domain within the Sunrise registration period, the domain will be registered in the name of the first applicant who has fulfilled the registration terms and conditions.

Trade mark owners applying for .РФ domain names will be required to submit the following:

· Russian trade mark number or International trade mark number (confirming protection in the Russian Federation);

· trade mark certificate; and

· Applicant’s company registration certificate together with the applicant's company seal (sent via e-mail and by fax).

It will take approximately 10 days to verify the application.

Under the .РФ ccTLD, only characters in the Cyrillic alphabet, numbers and hyphens will be allowed. No Latin or other characters will be allowed.

The cost of a .РФ Sunrise application is £300.

Due to the nature of the application process all application requests and questions must be sent to

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

.eu IDN launch 10 December 2009

Starting 10 December 2009, companies and private persons based in the European Union will be able to register .eu Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs).

IDNs are domain names that contain non-ASCII characters. These characters include, for example, the Swedish å, the German ü, the Romanian ș and characters from the Bulgarian and Greek alphabets as a whole.

IDNs are particularly important for .eu as the European Union has 27 Member States and 23 official languages. Many of these languages have non-ASCII characters in their alphabets.

Contact Lexsynergy to register your .eu IDN.

Monday, 16 November 2009

IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process Launch

ICANN announced the launch of the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process.

Non-English speakers across the globe will soon have access to the Internet addresses completely in their own language. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization charged with overseeing the Internet’s naming and numbering systems, is today launching a process for delegating a number of internationalized top-level domains.

IDNs are domain names that include characters other than the currently available set of the English alphabet (the 26 letters "a-z", numbers 0 to 9, and hyphens). ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush noted, “The IDN program will encompass close to one hundred thousand characters, opening up the Internet to billions of potential users around the globe.”

ICANN President Rod Beckstrom described the importance of this change to the global Internet community, “Over half the Internet users around the world don’t use a Latin-based script as their native language. IDNs are about making the Internet more global and accessible for everyone.”

Starting November 16, 2009 at 00:00UTC ICANN will accept requests from representatives of countries and territories around the world for new Internet extensions that represent their country name and are made up of non-Roman characters.

Once the requests are evaluated and approved, Internet extensions are expected to come online in many countries during 2010.

“This is the biggest technical change to the Internet’s addressing system – the Domain Name System – in many years,” said Tina Dam, ICANN’s Senior Director of Internationalized Domain Names. “Right now, it’s not possible to get a domain name entirely in for example Chinese characters or Arabic characters. This is about to change.”

It’s important to note that ICANN will not accept direct registration applications for second-level domain names – the part before the Internet extension or suffix – from individuals, companies, or organizations. The ability for people to get a domain name in their language will come later – through a process determined by the entity that successfully applies for an IDN country-code top-level.

The IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process is available online now, including an online request form, a manual describing how to apply, a list of Frequently Asked Questions, ICANN’s final implementation plan, and brief history of the Fast Track process.

All material and access to the system is available at: