Monday, 21 December 2009

.CN Domain Names - Change in registration policy

CNNIC (.cn registry) has been compelled by the Chinese Government to implement stricter requirements to register .cn domain names.

Registrants are now required to provide supporting documentation for domain names registered after 14 December 2009. The required documents are:

• an original application form of CCNIC stamped with the business seal of the registrant; and
• a company certificate (copy); and
• an identity document of the person signing on behalf of the registrant (copy).

After applying for a .cn domain name through Lexsynergy we will prepare and send you the original application form, which must be returned with the other documents mentioned above within 5 days of making the application. If the documents are not received within that period or are incorrect the domain name will be deleted. All the documents must be sent via pdf to

Domain names registered prior to 14 December 2009 are not affected by this change. Individuals can also no longer register .cn domain names.

If you have any questions please email

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