Monday, 28 June 2010

Important CN Notice

The .CN Registry (CNNIC) has informed us, on short notice, that all .cn registrants will receive or should have received an email from CNNIC requesting the registrant to confirm the registrant information for each .cn domain name. In essence it confirms the validity of the registrant email address.

The subject line of the e-mail is "Domain Name Information Confirmation". The email contains a link, which when clicked on will confirm the registration. If this is not done within 15 days of receipt of the email, the domain name will be processed according to the "relevant provisions of the Registry". This statement is unclear and could possibly mean deletion.

We are awaiting more information from CNNIC so we ask until then that you confirm each registration. Please pass this information onto your clients or registrants of .cn domain names.

Feel free to email any questions to

Friday, 25 June 2010

.ee (Estonia) Liberalization

.ee is the Top Level Domain for the EU member state of Estonia. The current restrictive registration rules of one domain name per Estonian citizen will be replaced on 5 July 2010 with more liberalised registration rules.

The rules provide that any person or company can register a .ee domain name provided they have a local administrative contact in Estonia with a personal identification number.

Lexsynergy will start registering .ee domain names on 5 July 2010 for £39.00 per year. If you do not have a local administrative contact we will provide one at an additional cost of £50.00 per year.

We strongly advise all owners of European trade marks (CTM) to register their trade marks within this extension to avoid possible acts of cybersquatting.

We will start accepting applications from 28 June 2010.

Monday, 21 June 2010

.co Landrush begins 21 June 2010

The .co Landrush stage begins on 21 June 2010 until 13 July 2010.

During this stage domain names of high commercial value may be registered without restriction. In essence, a higher price is charged for .co domain names prior to the general availability stage. If more than one application is received, the domain name will be allocated through an auction process.

Trade mark owners who have not yet secured .co domain names should do it at this stage.