Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Important notice concerning AF | CX | GS | GY | HT | KI | MS | NF | and SB ccTLD's

CoCCA, the registry provider for the above ccTLDs, will from 7 November 2011 start requiring registrant and administrative contacts to activate their domain name registrations or renewals.

On the registration, renewal or change of registrant the administrative contact and the registrant will receive two emails.

One is a "welcome" message, the second one is an "activation" email with a link that the recipients must click on, within 21 days, to

1. accept the TLD Registrant Agreement and AUP policy; and

2. confirm the validity of their contact details.

A new domain will not be activated after registration unless the domain has been confirmed by clicking on the above-mentioned link. If the domain has not been activated within 21 days after the registration, the domain will be suspended and then deleted.

On renewal or change of a registrant the policy must again be accepted and the contact details confirmed within 21 days or the domain will be suspended. In this case the domain will be forwarded to a parking page until it has been confirmed.

.XXX Landrush Starts on 8 Nov 2011

The .XXX Landrush begins on 8 November 2011 and will run for approximately 18 days.

During this period only those who are members of the adult Sponsored Community can apply for .XXX domain names. Apart from being a member of the adult Sponsored Community, there are no trade mark or pre-ownership rights requirement during this phase of the launch.

There is no first come, first served ranking during the Landrush. At the end of the Landrush period, those .XXX domain names with a single applicant will be automatically allocated. However, those .XXX domain names with more than one applicant will proceed to a closed mini-auction between the competing parties only.

Landrush is designed for those members of the adult Sponsored Community that want to secure premium .XXX domain names.

The application fee is £180 (ex VAT).

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

XXX Sunrise B Price Reduction

Over 42 000 .XXX domain name applications have been filed during the Sunrise Period (ending 28 October 2011).

Sunrise B is the time when trademark owners can apply to opt-out of .XXX (blocked).

Sunrise B is aimed at applicants from outside of the adult Sponsored Community. These applicants are owners of a qualifying trademark registration, who want to reserve names in order to ensure that those names are not registered as domain names by others in .XXX.

In order to allow trade mark owners to take advantage of the last few days of the Sunrise Period we are reducing the Sunrise B application fee to £135.00 ($229.50).

All applications are pre-screened by the Lexsynergy team to ensure that they comply with the Launch Policies and to avoid rejected applications.

Watch the .XXX promotional video here.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

.XXX Sunrise Launch - 7 Sept 2011

What is .XXX?

The adult entertainment industry has, and always will, account for a large amount of content on the Internet and while it is enjoyed by some, it is not suitable, or of interest, to all internet users. Increasingly, Internet users are coming into contact with content that they do not wish to see and in turn, others finding it hard to locate exactly what they are looking for, due to a decrease in availability for precise and clear domain names.

The creation of .XXX will create a clearly signposted place where adult entertainment can be accessed and allow surfers to have a clear idea of the nature of the site before they click, rather than after.

.XXX isn't just a helpful distinction. It's the progressive new home for adult entertainment online.

Relevance to Trade Mark Owners

.XXX is specifically reserved for members of the online adult entertainment industry however trade mark owners will be allowed to block third parties from registering .XXX domain names that match their trade marks. It is highly recommended that trade mark owners take advantage of SUNRISE B to block the use of their trade mark within the .XXX Top Level Domain. Once a .XXX domain is blocked it will permanently prevent another party from registering that domain. Once blocked the trade mark owner will not have to renew the domain name, the Sunrise B fee is a once-off expense. The SUNRISE B application MUST be considered for all key trade marks.

Launch Dates

.XXX will launch in three phases:

Phase 1: Sunrise AT, Sunrise AD and Sunrise B - starts (7 September 2011 – 28 October 2011)

Phase 2: Landrush (8 November 2011 – 25 November 2011)

Phase 3: General Availability (6 December 2011 onwards)


Sunrise AT

Registered trade mark owners that are involved in the online adult entertainment industry.

Sunrise AD

Owners of registered domain names that are involved in the online adult entertainment industry.

Sunrise B 

Owners of registered trade marks can apply to opt-out of .XXX.

Login and register your .XXX domain name at www.lexsynergy.com. Lexsynergy is a .XXX accredited registrar.

For more information or if you wish to discuss a .xxx brand protection strategy email xxx@lexsynergy.com or call +442081331319.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

New gTLD Webinar - Register Now!

The New Frontier of the Internet…

Due to a historic announcement on 20th June 2011 by the global Internet regulator (The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers – www.icann.org), the Domain Name industry is about to undertake the biggest revolution the internet has ever seen.

This never before seen program will allow eligible candidates apply to ICANN for new Top-Level Domains (TLDs) as of January 2012, for only a limited 90 day period.

It is anticipated that the program will provide hundreds of new TLDs such as;

Governments (.london or .capetown)

Entrepreneurs (.sport or .music)

Corporations (.nike or .ebay)

These new TLDs will be designed to co-exist with today’s current TLDs such as .com or .info.

As a result of this program, which has now been formally launched across the world, it is vital that organisations understand the impact it will have on their current digital strategies and undertake an immediate assessment of the risks and opportunities.

Global industry leader AusRegistry International, in collaboration with Lexsynergy Limited, will be operating a webinar to help interested organisations understand the impact of these changes. It is recommended that brand, corporate, legal, marketing or technology representatives alike make themselves available for this webinar in order to obtain a clear view on the implications of the new TLD program.

The Webinar will cover:

• New Top-Level Domain program overview

• Risk Assessment

• Opportunity Evaluation

• Provide requirements for participation, and

• Information on how to apply for your own TLD should you wish to do so

Title: The New Frontier of the Internet

Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CAT

If you would like an invite to the webinar please email domains@lexsynergy.com

Thursday, 9 June 2011

com.gh Local Presence Service

Lexsynergy is pleased to announce that is now offers a local presence service for com.gh domain names.

Ghana has a population of approximately 24 million, which combined with its natural resources make it an attractive country for business growth within Africa.

Securing your domain name in Ghana is the first step towards protecting your brand in that country.

For more information email domains@lexsynergy.com.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

.ASIA IDN Sunrise Period is Open

DotAsia is introducing Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean IDN characters under the TLD .ASIA.

For more information please read the .ASIA IDN Policy here.

Sunrise Period: May 11 (12:00 UTC) to July 20, 2011 (24:00 UTC)

The Sunrise is divided into three concurrent phases:

Sunrise 1 (SR1): for domains from the governmental reserved names list

Sunrise 2 (SR2): for registered trademarks

Sunrise 3 (SR3): for registered names and extended protection (e.g. for ASCII .ASIA domain name holders with Romanized or transliterated names).

Landrush Period: August 2 (12:00 UTC) to October 11, 2011 (24:00 UTC)

The regular ASCII .ASIA prices apply, minimum registration period: 2 years.

If only one application is received for a domain name during Sunrise and Landrush, the domain will be allocated to the applicant. If there is more than one successful application for the same domain name, the domain will go to an auction.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

.XXX Accreditation

Lexsynergy Limited was recently part of the first set of ICANN registrars to be accredited to promote and sell .XXX domain names.

Lexsynergy will shortly be releasing information relating to the launch of .XXX. Although this Top Level Domain is reserved for the online adult entertainment industry, trade mark owners will be given the opportunity to register domain names matching its trade marks.

ICM (.XXX Registry) have opened a pre-reservation service that allows both members and non members of the Sponsored Community (online adult entertainment industry and those supplying products or services to that industry) the opportunity to register expressions of interest in certain domain names. The actual domain names will be allocated in due course via a number of phases. Providing expressions of interest now will ensure that you get notified in advance of the appropriate allocation period and about the availability of the names you have indicated.

There is no charge for pre-reserving your domain name, simply send an email to xxx@lexsynergy.com with the domain names you wish to pre-reserve.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Beginning of the Landrush phase of .SA (Saudi Arabia)

SaudiNIC (.SA Registry) has announced the launch of the Landrush phase of the second level domain .SA.

During this phase second level domains will be registered on a "first come, first served basis" according to SaudiNIC’s regulations and procedures.

Register your .sa domain name at www.lexsynergy.com.

.ee IDN Launch

Registration of domain names containing letters with diacritical marks (IDN)

On 13 June 2011 Estonian Internet Foundation (EIF) will release IDN domain names to the general public.

The EIF in cooperation with the Association of the Estonian Patent Attorneys have introduced a reservation priod of .ee domain names containing letters with diacritical marks before the commencement of the general registration.

During the reservation period you can submit applications for domain names with the following varieties:

1. a business name (including a self-employed person’s business) entered in the Estonian Commercial Register or a name entered in the register of non-profit associations and foundations;
2. a trademark registered in Estonia;
3. the surname of a physical person; and
4. the first name(s) and surname of the physical person.

Relevant dates:

16 May 2011 5 June 2011 – application submission period.

6 June 201112 June 2011 – verification of applications.

13 June 2011 – registration on a "first come, first served basis" of .ee domain names containing letters with diacritical marks.

Note: Before applying please read the Rules relating to .ee IDNs.

For details email domains@lexsynergy.com or visit www.lexsynergy.com to register your .ee domain name.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

.ASIA IDN Launch

.ASIA IDN Launch

The International Domain Name (IDN) launch of .Asia will begin on 11 May 2011.

IDN Languages to be launched:
  • Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  • Japanese
  • Koren
The launch will comprise of two periods:

1. Sunrise Period 11 May 2011 – 20 July 2011

2. Landrush Period 2 August 2011 – 11 October 2011

Auctions will be held for domains receiving more than one successfully verified application.

The Sunrise Period will allow holders of registered trade marks and later company names (within the DotAsia Community) to secure their domain name before the Landrush Period.

Short and numeric .tel domains

From 1st June 2011 (3 pm British Standard Time (BST)) you will be able to register a numeric-only or a short two-character .tel.

This launch will consist of two phases, namely a Landrush and General Availability.

What is the difference between Landrush (1 June 2011, 3pm BST) and General Availability (14 June 2011 3pm BST)?

During Landrush, anyone wishing to secure a short or numeric-only .tel domain will be able to do so at a premium price. During General Availability the registration price will be lower than the Landrush price.

How it works
  • What: two-character (aa.tel or a1.tel) and numeric-only domains between 2 and 7 digits with or without hyphens
  • How: First-come first-served basis through Lexsynergy Limited.
  • When: From 3 p.m. BST on June 1st for Landrush; from 3 p.m. BST on June 14th for general availability

The following domains will not be available for registration:
  • One-letter (from a.tel through to z.tel) and one-digit domains (from 0.tel through to 9.tel)
  • Two-character country code top level domains (ccTLDs, such as uk.tel)
  • Combinations of digits and/or digit and hyphen strings that contain eight or more characters (for example, 12345678.tel or 123-5678.tel)
For more information email domains@lexsynergy.com

Thursday, 31 March 2011

.SO Launches 1 April 2011 - No Joke

On 1 April 2011 the .SO Top Level Domain (TLD) assigned to Somalia will be opened to the general public, allowing the registration of .SO domain names on a “first come, first served bases” without restriction.

Since .SO has endless branding opportunities, such as espres.so and provi.so, it should be secured at the first available opportunity. Trade mark owners should also consider registering defensive domain names to prevent squatting within this new TLD.

Lexsynergy is an accredited domain names registrar and has started accepting applications for the 1 April 2011 launch. Email domains@lexsynergy.com for more information or register your .SO domain name at www.lexsynergy.com. Lexsynergy is an accredited .SO registrar.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

.XXX Approved

On Friday March 18 2011 ICANN approved the launch of the .xxx TLD (Top Level Domain) despite the objections of governments and pornographers.

While .xxx is aimed at members of the adult entertainment industry only, defensive registrations of trade marks are allowed.

The ICM Registry (the registry operating the .xxx TLD) will begin with a Sunrise period, which will allow trade mark owners that are not involved in the adult entertainment industry to protect their trade marks from infringements within the TLD. These defensive domain name registrations would not resolve but simply block the registration of the matching domain name.

While the launch date has not been finalized, we would advise all trade mark owners to apply for the reservation of their core trade marks as soon as possible.

The registry currently allows a free ‘Pre-Reservation’ of domain names which will be reviewed at a later stage. Applicants must simply have a domain registration of the same mark in a recognized TLD, such as a .com, co.za (South Africa) or co.uk (United Kingdom). Once approved, these reservations will be made available for registration to the applicant for a limited period. Should the applicant choose not to register the reserved domain name, it will be released to the public.

Email domains@lexsynergy.com for assistance in reserving your .xxx domain name.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

MW (Malawi) Domains

Malawi is a small landlocked African country nestled between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique.

.MW is the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) assigned to Malawi. The following Second Level Domains can also be registered:


The most popular extensions are .MW, CO.MW and COM.MW. There are no restrictions to register domain names within these extensions.

Register your MW domain names at Lexsynergy.com.

.KE (Kenya) Growing

It appears that the number of registered Kenyan domain names is on the increase. KENIC (Kenya Network Information Center) currently adminsters over 15 000 KE domain names.

Updated statistics can be viewed at https://registry.kenic.or.ke/statistics.jsp (note: the security certificate has not been renewed on the page).

Although the numbers are relatively low compared to more popular ccTLDs such as .de (Germany) and co.uk (United Kingdom) they are positive and moving in the right direction.

To register your Kenyan domain name visit www.Lexsynergy.co.ke.

.NG Registrations - BI.NG

Trade mark owners that have substantial amounts of cash can now splash out on some .NG domain names.

Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) is allowing limited registrations of Second Level Domains (SLD). This promotion allows potential buyers to bypass the auction process and pay a pre-determined value for a .NG SLD.

The cost is N7,500,000 (approximately £30 000 or $46 0000). If the domain name is identical to the buyers corporate name or trade mark the cost will be reduced to N3,000,000 (approximately £12 000 $19 000).

This is not cheap but you could own domain names such as:



Some domain names already registered include:


The auction phase is divided into three parts:

Platinum Domain Auction
Gold Domain Auction
Diamond Domain Auction

The Auction Policy document provided by NIRA is confusing so it is suggested that each applicant read it carefully. The Auction Policy document can be read here.

Lexsynergy can process your .ng application.

Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase started on 14 February 2011

Close of Registered Rights Sunrise phase

Following the closure of the IP rights validation period of the Registered Rights Sunrise phase for the release of short .uk domains on 31 January, 99 uncontested domains were registered.

Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase starts on 14 February

The Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase starts at midday (12.00 GMT) on 14 February 2011. The first step of this two-stage process is for applicants to submit an application for the domain name they would like to register to Nominet via a registrar. This application stage closes at midday (12.00 GMT) on 16 March 2011.

The second stage is for applicants to use the application reference number they receive from Nominet to submit the evidence of their unregistered rights to the IP rights validation agency, CMS Cameron McKenna. This validation stage closes at midday (12.00 BST) on 31 March 2011.

Email domains@lexsynergy.com for more information on how to apply for a short .uk domain name during the Unregistered Rights Sunrise phase.

Friday, 28 January 2011

SZ – Swaziland (The landlocked domain)

Swaziland is a small Africa country entirely landlocked by the Republic of South Africa (a country within a country). Swaziland has, over the years, been devastated by HIV/AIDS, with one of the highest infection rates in world.

This country, like so many other African countries, desperately needs direct investment and job creation initiatives. A potential source of income is the Internet supported by the Swaziland gateway being the ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) co.sz.

Co.sz is a restricted ccTLD, which means a domain name can only be registered by a local Swazi company or citizen. In addition an application form needs to be submitted in original form, via a local Swaziland ISP, to the SZ Registry (SISPA – Swaziland ISP Association), which approves each application at a board meeting held once a month.

These restrictive registration requirements and procedures are counter productive and discourage local and foreign companies from registering domain names in Swaziland. Instead most tend to opt for gTLDs (such as .com or .net). Opening up the SZ ccTLD to the rest of the world could potentially result in the increase of domain name registrations and consequently much needed revenue for the country.

It is believed that SISPA is concerned that opening up the SZ ccTLD to all will increase infringements and online scams. This risk is real but mechanisms can be introduced to handles such issues. This can be done through the introduction of a dispute resolution procedure and take-down notices, which can be co-ordinated through SISPA.

Making a domain name registration more complicated than filing a trade mark is a substantial barrier to the growth of the Internet in Swaziland. More domains = more money = more jobs.

Sudan – A possible new TLD for Africa

The referendum in Southern Sudan has the potential to create a new country on the African continent. The name of this potential new country is yet unknown but in its creation a space will be made available for a new ccTLD extension.

Currently Sudan uses the ccTLD .sd , which will in all probability remain with the northern state.

It is anticipated that the allocation of a new ccTLD will only be considered once the political system for the new country has been established.

South African Spammers Hall of Shame

Do spammers have no shame? Well now, South African spammers do!

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) the organisation that represents the vast majority of ISPs in South Africa has published a list of spammers on its website (http://www.ispa.org.za/spam/hall-of-shame).

The intention behind the list is “to assist South African consumers to effectively manager local unsolicited bulk email“.

According to its website ISPA believes that consumers should only receive bulk mail that they have requested and/or consented to receive and/or which they would expect to receive as a result of an existing relationship.

What does ISPA consider to be spam?

All unsolicited bulk e-mail is spam with the following exceptions:

  • Mail sent by one party to another where there is already a prior relationship between the two parties and subject matter of the message(s) concerns that relationship, is not spam.
  • Mail sent by one party to another with the explicit consent of the receiving party, is not spam.

Ironically www.stressballs.co.za has found itself on the Hall of Shame.

Hopefully, ISPAs efforts assist in reducing the amount of spam that fills our inboxes. In the meantime, SHAME ON YOU SPAMMERS.

CO.ZA a potential target for squatters

During December 2010 a news article was published on Sedo.com citing South Africa’s co.za extension as a “Rising Star”. The article seems to promote co.za as a valuable extension for domain name investors mentioning that there were over $1,000,000 worth of documented co.za aftermarket sales in 2010. The complete article can be read here.

The flip side of the coin is the increase in cybersquatting and typosquatting activities within co.za. Three co.za complaints (maxdupreez.co.za, pic.co.za and digicert.co.za) have already been filed with the South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL) this year. Twelve complaints were filed during 2007, the year in which the ZA Alternative Dispute Resolution (zaADR) was launched. In 2008 and 2009 an additional 26 complaints were filed . 2010 saw the highest number of complaints filed with the SAIIPL (25).

The new found co.za fame is keeping trade mark owners busy not to mention their lawyers. Although squatting activities cannot be eliminated the exposure to such risk can be reduced through a co-ordinated strategy of registering trade mark related domain names for defensive purposes. Groupon have also been bitten by the co.za “Rising Star” losing out on groupon.co.za. Could this be the next zaADR complaint?

Register you co.za domain name at Lexsynergy.com.

Monday, 10 January 2011

.SA (Saudi Arabia) Domain Name Sunrise Period Launch

SaudiNIC (.SA Registry) recently announced the beginning of the Sunrise Period for the Second Level Domain (SLD) (.SA). It is now possible to register for example domain.sa based on the domain registration domain.com.sa.

The Sunrise Period begins on 10 of January 2011 until 7 March 2011. During this period SaudiNIC will accept applications that match Third Level Domain registrations registered before 6 December 2010.

Email domains@lexsynergy.com for assistance in submitting your application.

.LK (Sri Lanka) IDN Registrations

The LK Domain Registry is now accepting registration requests for the .ලංකා and .இலங்கை IDN domain names.

Email domains@lexsynergy.com should you require assistance.


The Second Level Domain (SLD) .NG Buy Now Promotion which began on 22 December 2010 ends on 29 January 2011. This promotion allows potential buyers to bypass the auction process and pay a pre-determined value for a .NG SLD.

The cost is N7,500,000 (approximately £30 000 or $46 000). If the domain name is identical to the buyers corporate name or trade mark the cost will be reduced to N3,000,000 (approximately £12 000 $19 000).

This is not cheap but you could own domain name such as:


If you cannot afford the Buy Now Promotion the Auction process may be the next best option to secure your .NG SLD.

The auction is divided into three parts:

Platinum Domain Auction
Gold Domain Auction
Diamond Domain Auction

The Auction Policy document provided by NIRA is confusing so we suggest you read it carefully and send your questions to Lexsynergy (domains@lexsynergy.com) so we we can obtain an answer from NIRA. The Auction Policy document can be read here.

50,000 Free .NG Domains for Nigeria

This is not a scam but a promotion by NIRA (Nigerian Internet Registration Association) and the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to coincide with the Golden Jubilee of independence.

During the period 31 December 2010 to 21 March 2011 domain names can be registered at no cost for a period of one year. The promotion covers the following extensions:
  • com.ng
  • org.ng
  • name.ng
  • mobi.ng
It is worthwhile to note that domain names registered during this promotion must be used within six months or the registration shall be withdrawn or deleted. It is unclear what is meant by “use”. NIRA also mentions that registrants may park their free domains to their existing sites however they are not allowed to park the domains on sites other than their own.

Make sure that you register your Nigerian domain names through an accredited registrar.
Email domains@lexsynergy.com for assistance.

Postponement of .SO Landrush launch

The .SO (Somalia) Registry has postponed the launch of the Landrush phase, by a week, to 17 January 2011.

As an accredited .SO registrar we are able to assist with your Sunrise Application. Email domains@lexsynergy.com for more information.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

.UK Short Name Release ends on 17 January 2011

The Registered Rights sunrise phase for previously reserved short domain names, including some valuable one character and two letter combinations, will soon be coming to a close. The deadline for domain name applications is midday (GMT) on 17 January 2011.

Eligible registered trade mark holders are advised to act quickly in order to participate.

See http://blog.lexsynergy.com/2010/11/uk-short-name-release.html for more information.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


14 декабря 2010 года – Лондон, Великобритания. DomainDisputes.co
– бесплатный сервис поиска Постановлений о нарушении исключительного права на товарный знак в области доменных имен на днях был запущен английской кампанией Lexsynergy Limited, которая на протяжении многих лет успешно работает в области защиты исключительных прав на торговые марки. Данный сервис поможет юристам, адвокатам и собственникам торговых марок оперативно отслеживать зарегистрированные нарушения правовых норм в области доменных имен по всему миру.

География возможных нарушений исключительных прав на товарные знаки, как и сами доменные имена, не имеет четких границ и ярким примером этому служит возросшая популярность таких явлений, как cybersquatting и typosquatting. В сложившейся ситуации, чтобы установить факт наличия у потенциального ответчика истории в базе данных и выявить наличие уже существующего прецедента, собственникам товарных знаков или их юристам приходится осуществлять поиск в различных независимых организациях по охране интеллектуальной собственности. До настоящего времени, основной проблемой можно было назвать отсутствие сервиса, где потенциальный потерпевший мог бы осуществить поиск сразу по множеству баз данных с Постановлениями.

DomainDisputes.co – первый такого рода сервис, который ускоряет и упрощает нахождение зарегистрированных нарушений исключительного права на товарный знак в области доменных имен путем их поиска по различным критериям в крупнейших мировых организациях по защите интеллектуальной собственности, т.к.: Всемирная организация интеллектуальной собственности (США), Национальный Арбитражный Форум (США), Номинет (Великобритания), Европейское агентство по защите авторских прав (Арбитражный суд Чехии), Институт Интеллектуальной собственности в Южной Африке(ЮАР), Комиссия по Доменный Именам в Новой Зеландии(Новая Зеландия), Арбитражный центр в Гон-Гонге (Китай), Азиатский центр по защите прав на товарные знаки(Китай) и Арбитражный центр Куала-Лумпур в Малайзии. Результаты поиска, вместе с ссылками на Постановления, могут быть экспортированы в формате MS Excel.

О компании Lexsynergy Limited:

Являясь аккредитованным регистратором ICANN, основная деятельность компании Lexsynergy Limited связана с регистрацией и дальнейшим менеджментом доменных имен (Lexsynergy.com), а также онлайн сервис по защите брэндов и торговых знаков (RegainYourDomain.com), который позволяет за адекватную стоимость эффективно представлять и, с помощью согласованной с заказчиком стратегией, отстаивать интересы собственников торговых знаков в организациях по защите интеллектуальной собственности по всему миру. Компания имеет несколько основных офисов, в том числе в Великобритании, Австралии, Австрии и Южной Африке, а также представительства в Кении, Танзании и

* Киберскво́ттинг (cybersquatting) — приобретение доменных имен, созвучных названиям известных компаний, с целью их дальнейшей перепродажи или размещения рекламы.

* Тайпсквоттинг (typosquatting) — регистрация доменных имён, близких по написанию с адресами популярных сайтов в расчёте на то, что часть пользователей сделают ошибку при вводе.