Monday, 10 January 2011


The Second Level Domain (SLD) .NG Buy Now Promotion which began on 22 December 2010 ends on 29 January 2011. This promotion allows potential buyers to bypass the auction process and pay a pre-determined value for a .NG SLD.

The cost is N7,500,000 (approximately £30 000 or $46 000). If the domain name is identical to the buyers corporate name or trade mark the cost will be reduced to N3,000,000 (approximately £12 000 $19 000).

This is not cheap but you could own domain name such as:

If you cannot afford the Buy Now Promotion the Auction process may be the next best option to secure your .NG SLD.

The auction is divided into three parts:

Platinum Domain Auction
Gold Domain Auction
Diamond Domain Auction

The Auction Policy document provided by NIRA is confusing so we suggest you read it carefully and send your questions to Lexsynergy ( so we we can obtain an answer from NIRA. The Auction Policy document can be read here.

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