Friday, 28 January 2011

South African Spammers Hall of Shame

Do spammers have no shame? Well now, South African spammers do!

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) the organisation that represents the vast majority of ISPs in South Africa has published a list of spammers on its website (

The intention behind the list is “to assist South African consumers to effectively manager local unsolicited bulk email“.

According to its website ISPA believes that consumers should only receive bulk mail that they have requested and/or consented to receive and/or which they would expect to receive as a result of an existing relationship.

What does ISPA consider to be spam?

All unsolicited bulk e-mail is spam with the following exceptions:

  • Mail sent by one party to another where there is already a prior relationship between the two parties and subject matter of the message(s) concerns that relationship, is not spam.
  • Mail sent by one party to another with the explicit consent of the receiving party, is not spam.

Ironically has found itself on the Hall of Shame.

Hopefully, ISPAs efforts assist in reducing the amount of spam that fills our inboxes. In the meantime, SHAME ON YOU SPAMMERS.

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