Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Important notice concerning AF | CX | GS | GY | HT | KI | MS | NF | and SB ccTLD's

CoCCA, the registry provider for the above ccTLDs, will from 7 November 2011 start requiring registrant and administrative contacts to activate their domain name registrations or renewals.

On the registration, renewal or change of registrant the administrative contact and the registrant will receive two emails.

One is a "welcome" message, the second one is an "activation" email with a link that the recipients must click on, within 21 days, to

1. accept the TLD Registrant Agreement and AUP policy; and

2. confirm the validity of their contact details.

A new domain will not be activated after registration unless the domain has been confirmed by clicking on the above-mentioned link. If the domain has not been activated within 21 days after the registration, the domain will be suspended and then deleted.

On renewal or change of a registrant the policy must again be accepted and the contact details confirmed within 21 days or the domain will be suspended. In this case the domain will be forwarded to a parking page until it has been confirmed.

.XXX Landrush Starts on 8 Nov 2011

The .XXX Landrush begins on 8 November 2011 and will run for approximately 18 days.

During this period only those who are members of the adult Sponsored Community can apply for .XXX domain names. Apart from being a member of the adult Sponsored Community, there are no trade mark or pre-ownership rights requirement during this phase of the launch.

There is no first come, first served ranking during the Landrush. At the end of the Landrush period, those .XXX domain names with a single applicant will be automatically allocated. However, those .XXX domain names with more than one applicant will proceed to a closed mini-auction between the competing parties only.

Landrush is designed for those members of the adult Sponsored Community that want to secure premium .XXX domain names.

The application fee is £180 (ex VAT).