Thursday, 7 June 2012

.SX Launch

Sint Maarten is a small Caribbean island with a potentially “big” TLD.

.SX is assigned to this island nation and due to its similarity to the word “Sex” could potentially be marketed as a domain name for the adult entertainment industry. Trade mark holders may also see this domain name as high risk and worthy of a defensive registration to reduce the risk of cybersquatting.

The launch of .SX will occur in several phases

1. Grandfather Period (completed)
2. Sunrise Period to protect trade mark holders (3 May - 14 July 2012)
3. Local Sint Maarten corporate and personal priority periods (5 July - 4 September 2012)
4. Landrush Period (5 September - 4 October 2012)
5. General Availability Period available to all (starting October 5th 2012)

Sunrise Period (3 May - 14 July 2012)

This period began on 3 May 2012 and is reserved for holders of eligible trade marks.
A trade mark holder may submit a Sunrise application for the registration of a .SX domain name that corresponds to their trade mark. The trade mark must have been registered before 1 March 2011.
Multiple applications for the same domain name will be allocated according to an auction process.

.SX Sunrise Pricing

£135 Sunrise Fee (includes a one year registration fee, refundable if the registration fails) and a non-refundable Application Fee (verification of the trade mark information) of £110.

Required Information

The following information is required to submit a .SX application:

• The name of the Owner, Licensee or Assignee to the trade mark
• Country or region in which the trade mark has been registered
• Trade mark name as it appears on the trade mark registration certificate
• Trade mark registration number
• Trade mark registration date
• An indication of the type of mark – word mark or figurative or both

Local Sint Maarten Period (5 July - 4 September 2012)

This period is reserved for legal and natural persons (individuals) registered or resident in Sint Maarten.

Landrush Period (5 September - 4 October 2012)

Domain names can be applied for by any interested party at a premium price.

Multiple applications for the same domain name will be allocated following the outcome of an auction process. No local presence is required for this TLD.

General Availability (starting October 5th 2012

The period is available to all on a first-come, first-served basis. No local presence is required for this TLD.

Email to apply for your .SX domain name or call us on +442081331319 (see for more contact information)

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