Friday, 4 April 2014

With a .MODA web address, your brand is timeless and trending

The Fashion Revolution will be Socialised

Moda means fashion in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Polish. It’s also similar to the word for fashion in many other languages (mode in French, for instance). If you’re in the rag trade, regardless of what language you speak, it will be a familiar term, especially amongst English, German and French-speaking fashionistas.

The fashion industry has been revolutionized by the Internet.

Fashion houses can now introduce their collections through social media to the widest possible audience. Smaller designers, who once would have struggled to reach thousands, can now find millions in minutes. The same too is true of grassroots fashion. Sites like ETSY expose the public to individual collections – and those designs can be shared through any number of social media websites.

People power is taking charge of fashion, and fashion has never been more social. And .MODA is perfectly poised to be the place to take this revolution to the next stage.

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