Friday, 8 August 2014

.ORGANIC - Not Just a Buzzword, It's a Movement

As consumers seek healthier lifestyles, it's often difficult to distinguish between the hype and authentically “organic” products on the Internet. That's about to change.  Between 6 August 2014 - 5 September 2014, Sunrise applicants can secure their place in this new domain extension dedicated exclusively to the organic community!

.ORGANIC domains are exclusively for organic goods and services providers that are certified or otherwise meet .ORGANIC eligibility requirements. 

Who may be eligible for a .ORGANIC site?
  • Organic producers, farmers, distributors and the like
  • Organic textile and skincare providers
  • Organic restaurants and venues
  • Certifiers in the organic community
  • Publications, journalists and bloggers catering to the organic community and industry
  • Non-profit, not-for-profit and trade associations related in the organic field
General Availability starts 15 September 2014 - onwards at 16:00 UTC), but you can get yours today by visiting

Email should you require assistance or advice on how to protect your trade mark within this new gTLD.

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