Thursday, 11 September 2014

Geo-Domain Name Extenstions Take Center Stage

In the last month, Lexsynergy has opened 18 new domain name extensions with geographic or linguistic emphasis to its customers. These extensions are largely focused on serving their implied communities, but many of them are available to anyone internationally, regardless if they have a "local presence". Among the new regional and linguistic extensions are:

TLD, Description (Current Launch Phase)

.公司, Chinese script for “company” (Landrush)
.网络, Chinese script for “network” (Landrush)
.بازا, Aribic script for “bazaar” (Sunrise)
.SAARLAND, for the Saarland region of Germany (Sunrise A&B)
.VEGAS, for the city of Las Vegas, Nevada (General Availability starts 15 Sept)
.HAMBURG, for the city of Hamburg, Germany (General Availability)
.HAUS, the German word for “house” (General Availability)
.COLOGNE, for the city of Cologne, Germany (General Availability)
.KOELN, for the city of Cologne, Germany (General Availability)
.BRUSSELS, for the city of Brussels, Belgium (Sunrise)
.VLAANDEREN, for the Flanders region of Belgium (Sunrise)
.WALES, for Wales in the United Kingdom (Sunrise)
.CYMRU, for Wales in the United Kingdom (Sunrise)
.QUEBEC, for the city of Quebec, Canada (Sunrise)
.BZH, for the Brittany region of France (Sunrise)
.GENT, for the city of Ghent in the Flemish region of Belgium (Sunrise)
.OKINAWA, for the city of Okinawa, Japan (Landrush)
.YOKOHAMA, for the city of Yokohama, Japan (General Availability)

Each extension above has a link to the information page on our website, Read all about these new geographic and linguistic extensions, then contact us for more information or to register yours.

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