Tuesday, 16 September 2014

.LONDON to .PARIS Faster than Eurostar!


Sure the Eurostar can get you from London to Paris in less than three hours. But Lexsynergy can get you from .LONDON to .PARIS in an instant (and without the expensive currency exchange fees)!

In recent months, geographically focused domain name extensions have been gaining substantial popularity, especially where "non dot com" domain names are part of everyday life. And perhaps nowhere in the world are "non dot com" names more ubiquitous than in England and France. With .CO.UK and .FR extensions being used in adverts on trams and rues on both sides of the Channel, .LONDON and .PARIS extensions are poised for wide-scale adoption.

Both extensions have enjoyed significant exposure thanks to their intrinsic value as vibrant world capitals, and both have benefited from sleek marketing campaigns.

According to statistical resources, .LONDON domain name registrations reached over 35,500 in less than 24 hours of General Availability and while registration numbers for .PARIS will not be available until later launch phases, Lexsynergy expects this extension to gain nearly immediate acceptance in Paris and the rest of the world.

To register a .LONDON domain name today, visit Lexsynergy.com/london. To learn more about the .PARIS extension and participate in the Sunrise phase of the launch, visit Lexsynergy.com/paris.

Email brandprotection@lexsynergy.com or call one of our six worldwide offices today for more information about how Lexsynergy can help you protect your brand not just in London and Paris, but throughout the world.

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