Tuesday, 25 November 2014

.BERLIN Announces Exclusive Registration Period for Reserved TMCH Names

With over 150,00 names currently registered, .BERLIN is clearly one of the most popular extensions in the new domain name market place. 

The .BERLIN registry has just announced launch plans to release thousands of previously reserved domain names through its Exclusive Registration Period (ERP) for Trade Mark Clearing House (TMCH) clients.

Between 10 December 2014 and 9 January 2015, TMCH clients with valid SMD files can purchase an AuthCode for the registration of a .BERLIN domain name corresponding to their TMCH label on the ERP list. AuthCodes will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The complete list of 17,851 .BERLIN names available through the ERP is available in CSV format on ICANN’s website.

Lexsynergy encourages Interest parties may contact support@lexsynergy.com for information and prices.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Support World AIDS Day - Wear the Digital Red Ribbon

According to the World Health Organization, 35,000,000 people were living with HIV at the end of 2013. And as World AIDS Day approaches, dotHIV, the operators of the .HIV domain name extension, encourage individuals, organizations and corporations to support the fight against HIV/AIDS by wearing a digital red ribbon.

The .HIV domain name extension supports HIV and AIDS projects that commit themselves to better access to therapy. They seek innovative projects all over the world that make use of information and communication technologies to boost their impact in the field of HIV and AIDS. 
A .HIV domain name is the perfect way for your company or organization to blend your online activities with your Corporate Social Responsibility. Your .HIV domain is more than just a web address. Every visit to a .HIV domain triggers a donation, which is passed on to HIV projects. An easily displayed click counter on your .HIV-webpage shows the user in real time the total amount of donations to HIV project work.
Register your .HIV domain today at lexsynergy.com/hiv

Thursday, 13 November 2014

New .AT-Report Explains How The Austrian Registry Is Working On A Secure Domain Industry

Security is a big topic, not just for domain names, but also for the networks that connect, for companies that collect data and many others. In the domain name world domain hijacking, phishing and DNS spoofing are just some of the many risks the industry is facing and these threats are the focus of the latest .at-report from the operator of the Austrian registry nic.at.

Registries are responding to these kinds of scenarios with a full range of security measures. These include creating services that are designed to provide an additional layer of security for domains and services such as Anycast Nameserver networks, DNSSEC and the Registry Lock.

The report notes that registries must be on top of their game and adopt effective information security management systems (ISMS). Registrars and their resellers are also involved in the process – a priority for the nic.at ISM team and a focus of its support activities. Measures include keynote talks as well as national security drills in which various IT-related emergency scenarios are simulated and made available to registrars.

To download copies of current and previous .AT Reports in German or English, visit http://www.nic.at/de/uebernic/aktuelles/at_report/

Then register your .AT domain name today at lexsynergy.com.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

South Africa's New Online Home for Localized Domains

.CAPETOWN, .DURBAN and .JOBURG domain name extensions launched with much anticipation and fanfare on 4 November 2014! These new extensions designed for the South African powerhouse cities of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are already finding their place on the Internet, with over 3,200 total domains across the three cities!

Registration numbers are flying in, but initial estimates put Lexsynergy in the top four registrars by volume for each extension!

1,426 total domains, 138 names under management at Lexsynergy (9.68% total share)


738 total domains, 110 names under management at Lexsynergy (14.91% total share)


1,086 total domains, 148 names under management at Lexsynergy (13.63% total share)

As an ICANN Accredited registrar with offices in Johannesburg, Lexsynergy understands South Africa and we can help you secure your new localized domain name for the South African market!

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