Wednesday, 5 November 2014

South Africa's New Online Home for Localized Domains

.CAPETOWN, .DURBAN and .JOBURG domain name extensions launched with much anticipation and fanfare on 4 November 2014! These new extensions designed for the South African powerhouse cities of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg are already finding their place on the Internet, with over 3,200 total domains across the three cities!

Registration numbers are flying in, but initial estimates put Lexsynergy in the top four registrars by volume for each extension!

1,426 total domains, 138 names under management at Lexsynergy (9.68% total share)


738 total domains, 110 names under management at Lexsynergy (14.91% total share)


1,086 total domains, 148 names under management at Lexsynergy (13.63% total share)

As an ICANN Accredited registrar with offices in Johannesburg, Lexsynergy understands South Africa and we can help you secure your new localized domain name for the South African market!

Contact us or visit our website today!

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