Thursday, 26 February 2015

NGO | ONG - New TLD for Non-Profits

This March, two new gTLDs will arrive on the scene: .NGO and .ONG. These domain extensions are designed to support the large community of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and non-profits around the world. NGO and ONG (the translated equivalent for French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries) will be exclusive domains for validated NGOs only.

Domain management and brand protection is just as important for a non-profit as it is for commercial businesses. If you run an NGO or non-profit organization we recommend adding the .NGO|.ONG extensions to your domain portfolio.

Benefits of .NGO|.ONG

Trust and Validation
Since .NGO|.ONG will be exclusively available to the NGO community, it can help distinguish your NGO as a validated and genuine organization within the crowded digital world. With these domain names comes credibility and a great way to strengthen your brand.

Global Reach
.NGO and .ONG will be sold as a bundled domain package. When a NGO registers either an .NGO or .ONG domain name, they will automatically receive both extensions (at no additional cost). This packaged solution allows you to establish your brand and make your cause known in countries around the world.

As an .NGO|.ONG domain holder, you will be automatically entered into an exclusive NGO directory which includes a customizable online profile for your organization. Your profile will help you find and share information with other NGOs across the globe, promote your organization to potential donors and partners, interact with like-minded organizations and raise funds online to support your cause.

More information including eligibility requirements, launch phases and costs can be found at: and

If you are interested in registering an .NGO|.ONG domain name please email and one of our team members will be in touch.

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