Monday, 2 February 2015

.PHARMACY – a seal of quality for shopping for drugs online

Shopping for medication online has proven to be a difficult task for consumers until now as the distinction between reliable sources of legitimate pharmaceutical drugs and rogue sellers has not been an obvious one.

Consumers, not aware of ordering their medication from a rogue seller have, until now, been putting their health at severe risk.

How will .PHARMACY make a difference?

The launch of the top-level domain .pharmacy on  15 January 2015 will help change the face of online prescription drug shopping as consumers will now have a safe channel to purchase their medication. Customers will now be able to purchase their prescription drugs without running the risk of receiving inferior medication.

When the National Association of Boards of  Pharmacy (NABP) reviewed the 10, 000 different online medical stores they found that at least 97% of these did not comply with the United States medical laws and practice standards and sold dangerous, counterfeit drugs to unsuspecting consumers.

What are the benefits of .PHARMACY?

With a .PHARMACY domain name you will:

  • be able to separate your online pharmacy, product or service from all the counterfeit online merchants. 
  • become part of a community that will contribute to protecting consumers from buying illegal and harmful drugs. 
  • build an online brand for your company

By legitimizing your brand with the .PHARMACY domain name, your customers will know that your products are safe to purchase and that your business complies with the NABP.

Who can register .PHARMACY?

The following organisations from the global pharmacy community can register .Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Prescription Drug Information and Pharmacy Referral Sites
Prescription Drug Related Patient Advocacy and Consumer Education Sites
Medical Professionals’ Offices
Schools or Colleges of Pharmacy
Continuing Pharmacy Education Providers
Wholesale Drug Distributors
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

How can I register my .PHARMACY domain name?

All registrants within the .pharmacy gTLD are vetted prior to registration to confirm that they meet all applicable regulatory standards,
This vetting phase includes:

  • verification of pharmacy licensure 
  • valid prescription requirements, in the jurisdictions where they are based 
  • evaluation for adherence to program standards, which includes a review of the website and required documentation, as well as
  • verification of license(s), and other credentials. 

NABP is partnering with international regulators to evaluate international applicants for compliance with all relevant laws.

Lexsynergy is an accredited ICANN registrar which means that we can help you register your .pharmacy domain name.

For more information please email and one of our team members will be in touch.

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