Monday, 15 June 2015

Donuts Announces Release of Over 1 Million Previously Unavailable Domains

Starting this month, Donuts is releasing more than one million previously unavailable domain names across their new gTLDs. These include what Donuts describes as some of the most highly sought after and desirable domains in their portfolio, including permissible two character addresses and ccTLD combinations. This release includes nearly 150 gTLD extensions to choose from including .financial, .city, .education, .deals .digital, and .email.

Donuts will offer registrations via their Second Level Early Access Program (EAP) for the first seven days of their availability. The pricing will start at $10,500 on the first day and decrease each day with the seventh day at $150. The release dates will be staggered throughout June, July, August and September.

To learn more about the launch schedule, which two character addresses will be available, pricing or the full list of gTLDs included in the release email

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