Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New 商标 gTLD Launches

The “.” Generic Top-Level Domain (Meaning “.trademark” in Simplified Chinese; Pronounced: Shang Biao) is a Chinese IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) that is the first-ever domain extension to explicitly and accurately express a trademark holder’s rights online through a domain name, the core identifier of businesses, organizations and individuals on the Internet.

Unique to the “.” domain extension, registrants of “.” domains are required to provide proof of their registered trademark or trademark application, as well as their business incorporation certificate, in order to successfully register domains. Furthermore, the naming requirements for every “.” domain registration must represent an exact match to a registered trademark or trademark application, thus guaranteeing that all domains registered with the “.” Domain Registry are owned by legitimate trademark holders.

It is not required that the trademark submitted as proof be registered in China, nor is the prefix of the domain name required to be in Chinese. The “.” domain registry recognizes trademarks from over 200 jurisdictions worldwide and enables global trademark owners to register domain names in English as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Therefore, trademark owners are able to register “.” domains to protect and promote their brands even if they do not yet have Chinese trademark or existing business operations or interests in China.

The “.” domain is predicated on helping trademark owners to extend the legal rights and promotional power of their trademarks to the Chinese-speaking online population. Trademarks have evolved over the past two hundred years from basic text & graphic to modern representations of a brand’s intellectual property including sound and even smell. Yet even after 20 years of evolution of the internet, there still remains much uncertainty and vagueness around online trademark rights and protection. The “.” domain takes the next step in trademark evolution essentially representing an within a domain name, still the first touch point between businesses and the online population. A “.” domain is trademark holders’ online gateway into the Chinese marketplace.

To register your “.” domain email support@lexsynergy.com

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