Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Enterprise DNS Security for .BANK Domain Names

Lexsynergy is pleased to announce its new service, Anycast DNS, which will address the advanced DNS hosting requirements of a .bank domain.

As mandated by the Registry (fTLD) all domains registered under .bank must adhere to advanced security and operational requirements including DNSSEC, Domain Branded Name-servers and support for DMARC. Anycast DNS from Lexsynergy provides the perfect opportunity to comply with these security requirements and activate your .bank registration without the added strain of internal resource or third party vendor management.

Lexsynergy can be your one-stop-shop for all things .BANK. For more information, email support@lexsynergy.com. We've also pre-recorded an informational webinar which reviews all of the technical features of Anycast DNS.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Domain Name Centralization

Centralizing your domain names with one provider allows you to be more efficient, strategic and informed with your domain name management. 

Managing large domain name portfolios can be a nightmare and using multiple providers could lead to a domain name being lost. Centralizing your domain names limits the risk of letting a domain name expire and eases the burden of administering your portfolio.

Using one provider makes it easier to protect against infringements using the approach of treating every domain name not with your chosen provider as an infringement.

Learn about more of the benefits in our new Domain Name Centralization video and contact us at support@lexsynergy.com.