Tuesday, 13 October 2015

When Choosing Domain Names, Searchmetrics Suggests Don't Focus On Keywords

Leading SEO company Searchmetrics has conducted research to determine the most important ranking factors for high-ranking Google.com search results. They found the ranking factors most important are:
  • relevant, holistic content is more important than ever
  • responsive web design may be having a positive effect on ranking
  • keywords are becoming increasingly obsolete while increasing numbers of high-ranking URLs are not using the corresponding keyword in the body or description
  • the times of unnatural link building and maybe of links in general are or may soon be over
  • social signals remain important for brand awareness and help to drive organic traffic to top ranking sites.
In short, when it comes to domain names, the Searchmetrics research finds that the share of keyword domains in the search results has decreased in recent years and they suggest when choosing domain names, to not focus on keywords.

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