Thursday, 3 December 2015

New gTLD Registrations Soar Past Ten Million As Generic Keywords Dominate Top Strings

The total number of domain names under management across all new gTLDs soared past the ten million mark on 17 November 2015. It was only back in mid-August 2015 that the total number reached seven million, taking two months to increase from six million. In early October 2015 total registrations passed the eight million mark, and nine million was reached on 3 November 2015.

Generic strings, including four aimed at the Chinese market, are dominating the top 30 by registration numbers and .xyz continues to be far and away the largest with registrations now approaching 1.7 million. The regional gTLDs, .nyc continues to be the largest with almost 87,700 registrations in 19th place while .london (65,200) and .berlin (58,000) in 24th and 28th are easily the most popular in this category.

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