Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Updated Restrictions for .FEEDBACK

 Here is some feedback from .feedback.

The registry has decided to require all .feedback registrants to make their “primary domain & and "www." sub-domain of the domain resolve or redirect to a feedback website where visitors can give actual feedback”.

We are uncertain what is meant by “actual feedback” but we assume they want to make sure that defensive domain name registrations do not ruin the intention of providing an avenue for feedback.

Well, in our opinion, if trade mark owners are bullied into a defensive registration then the TLD must suffer the consequences for the lack of use.

Is a contact page sufficient? Let’s wait for .feedback to provide feedback on that.

Imposing use requirements on registrants is counter productive, which may affect the long-term success of this opportunistic TLD.

More information about .feedback can be found at http://www.lexsynergy.com/tlds/feedback

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