Thursday, 14 April 2016

The "Frisky" TLD Promotion - .PORN, .ADULT, .SEX and .XXX

From now until 31 May 2016, the four "frisky" TLDs, .PORN, .ADULT, .SEX and .XXX, are on sale for only $15 each for the first year. This is 75% off the standard registration price. These extensions may sound cheap but so is this promotion!

It is essential that brand owners protect their marks within all four of these TLDs. Perhaps you registered a .XXX but haven't taken action on .ADULT, .PORN and .SEX? This is the ideal time to find out if there are any gaps in your portfolio.

Contact us today and we will help you seal these gaps and protect your brand. Email us at

Monday, 11 April 2016

Lexsynergy's April Webinar - dotSUCKS Panel

Lexsynergy's April webinar will feature a panel of industry experts discussing the controversial dotSucks extension. This new gTLD was introduced to the marketplace just over a year ago and has proven to be problematic for many brand owners.

The webinar panelist will comprise of John Rees, an intellectual property attorney who specializes in branding, trademarks and domain name management, and John Berard, the CEO of Vox Populi (the registry of dotSucks). The panelist will be moderated by Lexsynergy's CEO, Daniel Greenberg.

During the webinar the moderator and panelists will discuss and debate topics such as why brands should secure their dotSucks domains, which Fortune 100 companies have registered a dotSucks, is dotSucks too edgy for a legitimate brand to actually utilize and some of the most popular dotSucks sites that are live today.

The webinar will take place on Wednesday, 27 April, 2016 at 1:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time. Click here to register.

Friday, 8 April 2016

.FI Registry Opens Registrations To All While Stopping Registrar Services

The Finnish registry is to stop selling domain names from 5 September meaning registrants will be required to register their domains with a registrar such as Lexsynergy.

The change is one of a number of significant changes to registrant eligibility. FICORA is dropping the local presence requirement meaning foreign companies, organisations and individuals will be eligible to register .fi domains regardless of their place of residence. For the first time domain names that consist of a combination of a person’s first and last names will be allowed. Domains may also be registered with the purpose of redelivery (renting or otherwise relinquishing the actual domain for another party) which is currently not allowed.

The lessening of registrant restrictions means it will be easier for companies and individuals outside of Finland to register a .fi domain name. Companies within the EU which were previously unable to register a .fi domain should add this extension to their portfolio as soon as the restrictions are lifted in September. Lexsynergy can assist you with checking domain availability and placing your desired domains in our automatic queuing system. Email us for more details at