Thursday, 21 July 2016

German and Dutch Registries Warn Against Fake Invoices

DENIC and SIDN, registries for .de and .nl respectively, have separately issued warnings against fake invoices being issued for their domains.

For .de, what DENIC describe as “questionable invoices” have been issued by ".DE Deutsche Domain" that claim to be a provider of domain registration services. These invoices are not related to DENIC in any respect and the registry warns that before paying any invoice to take time to check what precisely the payment being demanded is for and to always read the small print.

Next door in The Netherlands, SIDN is warning registrants of .nl domain names to be wary of fake invoices from an organisation calling itself Domeinregistratie Nederland. SIDN warns recipients of these fake invoices to not pay them and to report the invoice to

If any of our clients have received any of these invoices, or questionable renewal invoices for any of your domains, please contact us at Lexsynergy as soon as possible at

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