Thursday, 1 September 2016

.商标 Domain Created To Protect Trademarks And Fight Counterfeiting

A Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) aimed at protecting trademarks, fighting counterfeits and fighting cybersquatting? Yes, really. One new gTLD has introduced an innovative solution than aims to do just that, and 7,000+ brands have already registered including: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Lacoste, Rolex, BMW, Gucci, Chanel, Amazon, Starbucks, Toyota, Watsons, ASUS and many others.

Increasingly, many Chinese consumers have both the means and the desire to purchase genuine branded products. Unfortunately, finding authentic brands online in China is very challenging.

.商标 (which translates to .trademark) was created as an online trademark symbol, to help brands establish trusted websites, where Chinese consumers can easily find authentic brands online. 

How Does .商标 Protect and Promote Trademark Rights?

The .商标 domain extension is the world’s first to require a trademark. All registrants of .商标 domains must provide proof of their registered trademark, or trademark application.

Their first-of-its-kind domain registration requirements are aimed at ensuring that all .商标 domains are registered by legitimate trademark holders, and accurately reflect their trademarks.

Why Do Trademark Holders Need “.商标?
Verified - Since all .商标 domains are manually verified by the .商标 Domain Registry’s registration assurance team, this enables consumers to identify your official brand website.

Localized - .商标 is recognized and trusted online symbol for the world’s trademarks in China. Chinese consumers do not know what the “®” or “™” symbols mean, but they do know “商标” means “trademark”. Furthermore, Chinese characters domains are Chinese user friendly, and easier to remember.

Trusted - Consumers can trust .商标 websites. The rapid growth in the Chinese online economy has led to many new threats to intellectual property, making it difficult for brands to provide consumers a trusted, secure online experience. A .商标 web address makes it easy for Chinese consumers to find authentic brands online. 

How Does a Trademark Holder Register .商标 Domains?
.商标 domain names can be registered directly through Lexsynergy. We will collect and submit the required trademark information to the registry. The .商标 Domain Registry’s registration assurance team manually validates and verifies each domain registration for authenticity and accuracy before it can go live.

The .商标 Domain Registry recognizes trademarks from over 200 jurisdictions worldwide and enables global trademark owners to register domain names in Roman characters (e.g. English), as well as Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters.

The .商标 Registry asserts that, “all brands currently doing business in China, and those who plans to do business there, should strongly consider registering .商标 domains for each of their core brands.”

If you are interested in registering a .商标 domain, or have questions, please contact us at

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