Monday, 10 October 2016

Is .CAM A Scam?

The new generic extension .CAM (Camera) has launched and is currently in the Sunrise phase, which ends on 20 November 2016.

This new extension is a worry for online businesses, where a slight typo can direct an Internet user to an unintended destination. vs. – is confusing at first glance until you realise the only difference is an “a” for an “o”.

Internet users are impatient and do not take time to read a URL, which creates an avenue for phishing and other online scams. Some studies have proven that our brain pays attention only to the first and the last letter, abandoning the middle letter.

Is it a coincidence that if you add the letter “s” to .cam you get .scam?

We do not suggest that client’s panic but rather take the proactive step and register a .cam domain name that matches its primary .com domain names, which are associated with active website. The cost of a registration is far lower than the risk of an infringement or the consequences that flow from a scam.

The launch information for .cam can be found at If you wish to register a .cam domain, email your account manager or

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