Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Lexsynergy Successfully Represents UDRP Respondent

Over the years, Lexsynergy has represented dozens of trademark owners by filing UDRP complaints and recovering domain names that are infringing on their trademark rights. We recently turned the tables and successfully represented a respondent in a UDRP case.

Our client registered the domain in 1995 and has used the site intermittently to display his personal artwork and build an artist community. Over the years, he had received many offers to purchase the domain but he never sold. In June 2016, a company filed a UDRP complaint stating that the domain was an infringement on their trademark, Visual Voice, which was registered with the USPTO in 2013 (18 years after the domain was originally registered).

Lexsynergy was able to prove that the respondent has rights and a legitimate interest in the domain name by showing his use of the domain name throughout the years. We also proved that the respondent did not register or use the domain name in bad faith and that he has never had an interest in selling the domain.

The UDRP Panel sided with the respondent and ordered that the ownership of the domain remain with our client.

Read the full decision here:

Lexsynergy has a 100% success rate in UDRP cases. Whether you feel someone is infringing on your trademark or if a trademark owner is wrongly accusing you of infringement, Lexsynergy can help you win your case.

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