Friday, 24 February 2017

.AFRICA Delegated to ZACR

After a lengthy legal battle, ICANN has officially delegated the .africa extension to ZA Central Registry NPC (ZACR). ZACR currently manages the South African ccTLDs (,, etc.) and city TLDs (.joburg, .capetown and .durban).

.africa will be launched in three phases: Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability. Here is the tentative launch schedule:

Sunrise: 4 April 2017
General Availability: 4 July 2017

.africa is expected to be quite popular with growing anticipation leading up to launch. Lexsynergy considers it to be an essential extension for all African corporates and those that conduct business in Africa. We recommend securing all core trademarks during the Sunrise phase and other high-value domains during Landrush or General Availability. Trademarks should be submitted to the Trademark Clearinghouse in anticipation of the Sunrise launch in April.

We will provide the finalized launch schedule and pricing details once they are available. Should you have any questions about .africa or wish to add your Sunrise domains to our automatic queue, please email

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