Monday, 6 February 2017

.TEL Updates - Removing DNS Restrictions and New Hosting Platform

Removing DNS Restrictions

The .tel registry has recently announced that they will be removing the DNS restrictions for .tel domains beginning 13 March 2017. This will allow .tel registrants the freedom of choice with respect to the hosting and use of their .tel domain.

Previously, all active .tel domains were required to use the registry’s Community Telhosting system. This included using their DNS and website template. .tel domains could not deviate from this template or be forwarded to another domain.

Starting 13 March 2017, .tel domains will function like any other domain. Registrants will have complete hosting and creative control over their .tel websites.

New Telhosting Platform

Telnic will be releasing a new version of the Telhosting platform. This optional platform will offer a more modern, feature rich, single page solution to hosting and publishing a .tel domain. New features will include advanced custom design capability, PayPal integration, voucher and offers, PDF publishing and image library. The new platform is not required and completely optional. Here is a timeline for the switch:
  • From 13 February 2017, Telnic will issue (by email) all .tel registrants with account details to the new Telhosting platform. Once you receive the details, you can access your new account and start adding content.
  • From 13 March 2017, any content you have added to the new platform will be published to the internet. From this date, any content on the current platform will stop being published on the internet. Please note that Telnic will not be performing any data migration from the current to the new platform. Therefore, if you have your contact details entered into the current platform, these details will not be automatically transferred to the new platform. 
  • From 13 March 2017, all usage restrictions will be lifted from .tel and you get to choose how you use your .tel domain.
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