Thursday, 9 March 2017

Rightside Announces Update to DPML Offering and Pricing

 The registry Rightside has announced an update to their DPML offering. The update will include the following changes:
  • Broader Coverage: The Rightside DPML will support coverage of premium domains across Rightside's business focused TLD portfolio. This means that trademark holders can protect their brand across over 1M domains that are unprotected by the current DPML service.
  • Expanded Protection: Trademark owners will also gain the ability to block up to 10 variants of their primary DMPL. Variant blocks may be used to protect common misspellings or phrases that look confusingly similar to the trademark. Variants can also be used to protect trademarks across multiple IDN languages.
  • Flexible Term: Brands can choose to protect their trademark for any period between one and ten years.
All existing DPML blocks will be automatically upgraded to this new enhanced version on 17 April 2017. Due to these enhancements, the registry has also increased the cost of a DPML creation and renewal. Here is a timeline of all the upcoming changes:

17 April 2017 - All existing blocks are updated to the new enhanced DPML
17 April 2017 - DPML renewal price will increase to $1,900 (creations will remain at $527 until July)
17 July 2017 - DPML creation price will increase to $1,900

If you have any questions about these changes to your Rightside DPML block please email us at

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